Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pyramid: Ancient History???

The Post recently published that Developer John Steffen and his Pyramid Companies will no longer be in charge of redeveloping St. Louis Centre. Word on the street is Steffen is cutting checks to employees and shutting his doors, like, forever.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Flashback: The Onion CAN see the future...

Stl Oracle has some serious future predicting competition from the guys over at the Onion:

WASHINGTON, DC–Mere days from assuming the presidency and closing the door on eight years of Bill Clinton, president-elect George W. Bush assured the nation in a televised address Tuesday that "our long national nightmare of peace and prosperity is finally over."

Monday, April 7, 2008

Interesting data

This is a link to a site where you can make a graph of the page views (per million) of each candidates website. Tried to use their html code to make visible on this site but it is not working. I wonder what kind of indicator this could be of support, or momentum. I still have to analyze the numbers and timeline but I instantly thought that this is somehow significant.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hillary v. Obama Part II

I was reserving this second post to write about how it was mathematically and politically impossible for Hilary to win the nomination, barring a political miracle (i.e. Obama pulls a McGreevey). But since the stories about the clintons tax returns....I have veered in a new direction.

One of the things that I could not wrap my mind around for the past 6-8 months is why Hillary Clinton is running for President? I have been asking myself this question for a while now in the context of the thinking based around this thought: "What more could two people really ask for out of America?" And with the release of their tax returns which shows earnings of $109 million since 2000. That is right. $109 million, DOLLARS in the past 7 years. That is an average of just over $15 million a year. Talk about cashing in, hey, I don't blame them for it, not one bit. There isn't wrong with making a buck. However, as a regular working joe, I do have a problem with a couple who has lived in a governor's mansion, then THE WHITE HOUSE, for eight years (conventionally the longest time one could realistically live in the most coveted house in the country). After which they cash in on to the degree that they now are in the top one hundredth of the top one percent wealthiest people in the country, essentially at the least, the 0.09%, at the most, 0.01% richest people in the country. For perspective's sake 1% of 300,000,000 population of the U.S. is 3,000,000 people. They are in the top 3,000,000 richest people in the U.S.

O.k. Let's Digest that for a minute.

Now, let's take a look at who these people are:

1.) Bill Clinton: former four term (2 years) governor of a state and two term President (he maxed out on that!)
2.) First lady of a State, First Lady of the Greatest Country Ever (For what it is worth, I am actually wearing a flag right now, and it is sexy) then a Senator of NEW YORK! The Empire State, need we say anymore.

So the only questions about these two people I have left is: "Who the hell do they think they are, that they believe that they should go BACK to the WHITE HOUSE for 4-to-8 more years making it a total of 16 years, with a over a hundy million in between? How much is enough? Why the hell can't they ride off into the sunset and just be friggin' grateful. A large percentage (waiting on the polling results, come on Gallup!) of Americans would be enormously satisfied with a fraction of the cash or a fraction of the notoriety or a mix of both, would retire satisfied. Again, Who the Hell do they think they are??? Royalty?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kevin Gunn, Sucker!

Recently, the Open 15th District Senate Race was looking good for Democrats. Successful Attorney, former aide to Dick Gephart, Kevin Gunn had raised around $200,000 for the seat before the GOP even had a candidate. Things were not looking good for the GOP. So they decided to do something about this pending travesty. Matt Blunt offered Kevin Gunn a spot on Missouri's Public Service Commission. What? The PSC is one of the most coveted appointments in all of Missouri State Government. The terms last six years (I think, but it could be four) and pay $90K+ a year. yummy. And Kevin said yes. So as filing came to a close, guess what, no Kevin Gunn. Thankfully word got out and two candidates filed to run before filing closed.

So Kevin was waiting for that plum job. However, it looks like Kevin didn't really understand the process. He needed a letter of sponsorship from his State Senator, the GOP Mike Gibbons, which he got. He had to be approved by the Senate Gubernatorial Appointments Committee, which he got, then approved by the whole of the Senate. Here is where Kevin got suckered, bigtime.

He had pissed off his buddies the Democrats, and does anybody really think that Matt Blunt was going to give one of the most plum assignments to a peon like Kevin Gunn??? No friggin' way! Gibbons yanked his sponsorship letter because he said the Democrats were gearing up to filibuster the appointment. And like that, poof, Kevin got did.

I was really wondering what was going to happen in this situation. I knew that the sponsorship letter was not binding, I was also interested in how far he would make it. For what it is worth, they suckered him longer than I thought. I figured the moment filing closed Gibbons would yank the letter and be done with him. At least they let him down easy and made it look like it was all those big bad Democrats and their filibusters that did him in. Since when have Senate Repubs been afraid of a Dem. Filibuster, anyone ever heard of a PQ? oh yeah, The Senate GOP has. And Mike Gibbons really went to bat for his man, whoo, man is he a fighter or what? His word is like gold too. If i were to trust anybody with my political career it would definitely be Mike. Any body have his phone number??? Not to mention that the only news I could find on Kevin Gunn's public throat slashing was only reported in the St. Joseph News-Press, AS A BLURB!

UPDATE: I missed this posting in the Political fix. to quote Sen. Gibbons from article "Despite pulling the plug today, Gibbons said he’ll still try to get Gunn on the PSC board."-------yeah, right.