Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kevin Gunn, Sucker!

Recently, the Open 15th District Senate Race was looking good for Democrats. Successful Attorney, former aide to Dick Gephart, Kevin Gunn had raised around $200,000 for the seat before the GOP even had a candidate. Things were not looking good for the GOP. So they decided to do something about this pending travesty. Matt Blunt offered Kevin Gunn a spot on Missouri's Public Service Commission. What? The PSC is one of the most coveted appointments in all of Missouri State Government. The terms last six years (I think, but it could be four) and pay $90K+ a year. yummy. And Kevin said yes. So as filing came to a close, guess what, no Kevin Gunn. Thankfully word got out and two candidates filed to run before filing closed.

So Kevin was waiting for that plum job. However, it looks like Kevin didn't really understand the process. He needed a letter of sponsorship from his State Senator, the GOP Mike Gibbons, which he got. He had to be approved by the Senate Gubernatorial Appointments Committee, which he got, then approved by the whole of the Senate. Here is where Kevin got suckered, bigtime.

He had pissed off his buddies the Democrats, and does anybody really think that Matt Blunt was going to give one of the most plum assignments to a peon like Kevin Gunn??? No friggin' way! Gibbons yanked his sponsorship letter because he said the Democrats were gearing up to filibuster the appointment. And like that, poof, Kevin got did.

I was really wondering what was going to happen in this situation. I knew that the sponsorship letter was not binding, I was also interested in how far he would make it. For what it is worth, they suckered him longer than I thought. I figured the moment filing closed Gibbons would yank the letter and be done with him. At least they let him down easy and made it look like it was all those big bad Democrats and their filibusters that did him in. Since when have Senate Repubs been afraid of a Dem. Filibuster, anyone ever heard of a PQ? oh yeah, The Senate GOP has. And Mike Gibbons really went to bat for his man, whoo, man is he a fighter or what? His word is like gold too. If i were to trust anybody with my political career it would definitely be Mike. Any body have his phone number??? Not to mention that the only news I could find on Kevin Gunn's public throat slashing was only reported in the St. Joseph News-Press, AS A BLURB!

UPDATE: I missed this posting in the Political fix. to quote Sen. Gibbons from article "Despite pulling the plug today, Gibbons said he’ll still try to get Gunn on the PSC board."-------yeah, right.

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