Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On Chief Mokwa

I didn't have any great dissatisfaction with the job Joe Mokwa did. Now does our police department have issues? You bet. But Mokwa was decent cheif and knew when his time was up, unlike some fire chiefs we know. Kudos, it's someone else's time to sit in the hotseat, let's hope Mayor Slay can pick someone who would be willing to work with the Prosecutor, Courts and Alderman. It wouldn't hurt the mayor if that person also happened to be African-American. I wouldn't think I would have to say that but after he passed on the freebee of endorsing Barack Obama and scoring some points in a community where he isn't quite popular I just have to mention it.

Attorney General Race, scenario 2

Still think Koster wins right now but it is hard to say... I also see a scenario where Margaret Donnelly wins. Jeff Harris's campaign for all media purposes, has been nothing but a hit job on Chris Koster. Harris has the least money so I really don't see his ability to sell himself AND take down Koster gaining critical mass. However, I could see his internet Koster hit jobs hurting Koster enough that Democratic voters look elseware away from Koster's beautiful spots (however not enough base red meat and too general election oriented) and find Margaret Donnelly on the airwaves who has solid spots and the money to create more market penetration than Jeff Harris. I guess we'll find out in a week.
Below is Margaret Donnelly's closing spot and I think best one:

I will start putting up everyones spots soon so we can get a comprehensive look at their media campaigns and analyze how much money they are spending.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anheuser-Busch InBev Deal

I have waited to make any commentary about the sale of AB to InBev. I am disheartened by the sale and really have to say that the real boob in the whole deal is August Busch IV. I really don't care how much money he made on the deal even if it made him the richest man in the world (it didn't) but he just sold away his birthright and 5 generations of an American and St. Louis Institution. Well, he is a little rich kid who never had to work for anything in his life I can see how he screwed the pooch on this one.

However, in his defense, I really think the person who should be at fault, the person who made this all possible is August the III. He is the one that I think really laid the groundwork for his son to screw it all up.

Now the rest of us are just going to have to wait and see what happens to all the little guys. As I read in an article, one AB employee said "If you're near the beer, you're in the clear." Which I believe is true, It is the corporate overlap, HR, Marketing, Management, etc. where the blood will flow like Budweiser from an open tap. I heard on TV that they plan to do it over the course of 5 years.

Prepare yourself for the upcoming Summer Olympics

Saturday Night Live, some call it a comedy, looking back some could call it prophecies?
Waiting in anticipation for more freaks of nature, I mean science, to break some world records.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Democratic AG Race Prediction

The 2008 Democratic Primary races in Missouri are considerably much more tame than our last Presidential year primary with Bob and Claire duking it out. The biggest fireworks we will see this year for Democrats is the race for Attorney General. I am sure that my analysis of this race is neither groundbreaking or dynamically different than others. I predict Chris Koster will win the Democratic Nomination for Attorney General in Missouri. Chris Koster is the former Republican State Senator of Cass County (just south of Kansas City).

here is Koster's First Spot:

I believe that Koster wins because of money. Running statewide requires a lot of money to put your name, story and message in front of the voters. There is no doubt Koster has that, having raised well over one million and on his last report, legislative district committees, which are allowed to contribute up to ten times the legal amount and spend ten times the legal amount in-kind, had already in-kind bought $250K worth of TV media. I really don't forsee Margaret or Jeff Harris having much more of a media buy than that amount.

This means that Koster is going to be up sooner (he's up now) and with more points than the others. I really just don't forsee Margaret or Jeff Harris having enough money to gain critical mass on TV and Koster wins by default that the electorate knows more about him than the others. In another post I will also posit a less likely scenario where Koster does not win.