Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Villa for Senate?

Is State Rep Tom Villa running for Senate? His campaign committee reflects that he is, he has loaned himself $165K. So why would one speculate that he may be running for something else?

1. He hasn't filed yet. And yes, I do know that he always files on the last day.

2. He isn't raising any money. He was sitting on $27,000 before he loaned himself the $165K giving him a cash on hand of $190K, more than enough to run a decent campaign, however he likes to hire the big D.C. consultants. I heard that Axelrod (Obama's campaign manager) did his mayoral campaign. If that is the case he will need more money than that.

3. Why stake the whole campaign himself when he definitely has the capability to raise that amount of cash...........

or is that just seed money for a larger campaign?

We will see on Tuesday when filing closes.

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