Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Attorney General Race, scenario 2

Still think Koster wins right now but it is hard to say... I also see a scenario where Margaret Donnelly wins. Jeff Harris's campaign for all media purposes, has been nothing but a hit job on Chris Koster. Harris has the least money so I really don't see his ability to sell himself AND take down Koster gaining critical mass. However, I could see his internet Koster hit jobs hurting Koster enough that Democratic voters look elseware away from Koster's beautiful spots (however not enough base red meat and too general election oriented) and find Margaret Donnelly on the airwaves who has solid spots and the money to create more market penetration than Jeff Harris. I guess we'll find out in a week.
Below is Margaret Donnelly's closing spot and I think best one:

I will start putting up everyones spots soon so we can get a comprehensive look at their media campaigns and analyze how much money they are spending.

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Travis Reems said...

This race is clearly between Harris and runner-up Koster. Harris' strategy of "the Real Democrat" has been playing very well to the party loyal. The question is where will independents go?